Toilet Paper Is a Tool

Toilet Paper Is a Tool

WARNING: Read Instructions First!


1. Get hold of the tip of the product with a straightforward movement of the right hand downwards, with a sharp movement up and to the right at an angle of 60 degrees to the center line of the roll, tighten it, thus unwinding 700 millimeters of the product.

2. Fold the separated part of the product into the form of an accordion (button accordion), bending it step by step, shape the product into a working form.

3. Transfer the product to the hand that is most comfortable for the user.

4. Applying to the place of use and pressing it down, make successive movements from the bottom up.

5. With a clean, dry hand, check the quality of the cleaning. In cases where there are signs of poor-quality wiping, perform the manipulations 3-4 more times.


1. Do not smoke near the product.

2. Do not leave the used product in places of culture, eating.

3. Attention: repeated use of the product is not recommended.

4. Keep away from children. Toilet paper is not a toy, but a hygiene tool.

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