Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

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I am Thankful for My Riches

that cannot be quantified and for remembering not to take it for granted.

For the gift of my family that came before me.

For the prize of love and devotion of the one person meant to share them with me.

For the gift of my children and grandchildren.

For the parts of my body that work.

For my mind that seems to get hungrier.

For the gift of my friends.

For the opportunities to help others along the way.

For the miraculous brass ring that took me away from my wicked home country. For my adopted home country where my tree took root.

For the pilgrims who began the Thanksgiving tradition—to stop and recognize how fortunate I am.

For so much more I find no words to enumerate.

Take a minute to count your blessings every day. It doesn’t have to be just the fourth Thursday of November.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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