The Russians Have Come!

The Russians Have Come!

Poster for the 1966 movie “Russians Are Coming, Russians Are Coming.” Photo from:

The Story and the Roots

Please join me at the Northbrook Library at 1 p.m. on June 27 for my talk A Soviet Union Immigrant’s Journey: Then and Now.

I will tell you how I researched my family roots and wrote my family story and discovered new cousins. And about the sometimes overwhelming but always bewildering experience of facing the new culture.

Where to find records of your ancestors from the Pale of Settlement shtetls?

What do you say to your friends in the old country who ask “how could you say you are busy if you don’t have to stand in lines for food every day?”

Why is the Hebrew school teacher berating you for sending pork chops in your child’s lunch?

How do you explain to your American friends why you are excited that toilet paper is always available, even in public restrooms?

Let’s talk about all this and more on June 27 at the Northbrook Library – I will see you there at 1 p.m.

The Northbrook Library is located at 1201 Cedar Lane in Northbrook, IL. 847.272.6224.

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