East Coast Tour is Live!

East Coast Tour is Live!

Providence Journal How Many Bushels Am I Worth?

The East Coast Tour of How Many Bushels Am I Worth is officially launched.

When I started this research in 2004 I never could have imagined where it would go. I knew that I needed to tell this story, so that my grandchildren would understand their history—what their antecedents experienced in their day-to-day lives, and what it meant for us to emigrate from the USSR.

That research grew into a website, then a play, then two plays. And Then What, co-written by Kevin Olson and produced by appledoesnotfall.com and FirstHand Theatrical, premiered in Providence, RI in the summer of 2017. We wrote a second play, How Many Bushels Am I Worth?, that premiered at The Piven Theatre near Chicago, along with And Then What, in August of 2018. Tonight, How Many Bushels Am I Worth opened in Providence, where it will run at the AS220 Black Box Theatre through January 12. From there we move to Brooklyn, NY and the Mark O’Donnell Theater for a run from January 16 to the 26th.

If you don’t yet have tickets, find them here: appledoesnotfall.com/plays.

In the meantime, we are delighted to have connected with Alissa Michaels, who worked with us on media coverage for this East Coast Tour. Here is a sampling of outstanding coverage:

The Publics Radio (they interviewed both Kevin and me for this piece that aired on January 9.

AS220 play is a journey of self-discovery for Russian-Jewish immigrant
Providence Journal, January 9, 2020

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