How I Renewed My Driver License, by Marina Brodsky

How I Renewed My Driver License, by Marina Brodsky

There Comes a Time

There comes a time in the life of every American senior citizen, or to put it bluntly, old guy / gal, when driver license renewals begin happening more often. This and other signs, like the need for reading glasses and the stupid law of gravity that is dragging all your body parts down, quietly remind you that yes, you are old and getting older every day. To be fair, not all signs are unwelcome – the various discounts that accompany the aging process are quite nice.

Anyway, today I decided to go to the Secretary of State office to get my new driver license.

On a side note: I recently started learning Hebrew. I hoped that by doing this I just might fool Mother Nature and keep my memory in shape longer (I read somewhere that it could help).

So, after staying (sitting) in line for quite some time I was, at long last, called to the coveted window. The official seeing that I wore glasses invited me to check my vision.

I should mention that this simple procedure always scared me for some reason. I usually stick either my nose or my lips in a place meant for a forehead. This obviously irritated the official who was already quite displeased just looking at me…

Finally I found my forehead and pushed it against something that should be pushed.

Right to Left

“Please read from line 5,” said the official loudly, understanding that he was dealing with a very slow person. And that’s where it all started: I BEGAN READING FROM RIGHT TO LEFT just like I would read in Hebrew.

“Wrong!” shouted the official. “Read again!”

And again I was reading the same way – from right to left.

“Wrong again!” he yelled. “I’m giving you the last chance – if you fail we will suspend your driving privilege indefinitely. You simply cannot drive in this condition!”

My goodness! – I really don’t get what’s wrong. I am reading all letters right. What does he want from me?!

And then suddenly it hit me – I was reading letters the wrong way!!

Phew! As they say all is well that ends well.

I did it! I did it!  And the official and I even parted the best of friends.

This would be the end of my story – except when I was happy that my ordeal was over and ready to go home it started to rain very hard. Of course, I did not have an umbrella and my car was parked far away…

Oh well, – one cannot expect to have everything going perfect for him all the time. Right?

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