Guest Stories

Apple Does Not Fall invites you to share the story of your family and the stories of your life in the USSR and USA, of your emigration and immigration experiences.

Please contact Bena Shklyanoy if you would like to publish your work on this blog. If you prefer to write in Russian we will translate it.

Thank you to our guest bloggers!

Adelman, Charlotte


But I am the Graduate, Not My Husband! (women’s equality) published 10/21/16

A Visit to One Last Jew in Brusilov, published 10/13/17

Brodsky, Marina

USSR and Emigration:

The Night Before, published 3/17/17

My Miniature Old World, published 5/19/17

My Kiev Squares, published 8/25/17


Vienna Day 1 and 2, published 4/7/17

Smell of Decay, published 6/2/17

No Russian Baths, No Life, published 1/27/18

Cutler, Lydia


How I Saved My Motherland, published 3/31/17


The Frog and its Swamp, published 5/26/16

Soviet is no Russian, published 6/3/16

Soviet and Russian, published 7/29/16

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