“Bushels” Heads to Brooklyn after Sold Out Shows in Providence

Hannah and Jake in How Many Bushels Am I Worth?

“Bushels” Heads to Brooklyn after Sold Out Shows in Providence

“This was our story too and you wrote our story from A to Z. It brought tears to my eyes.”

“Magnificent performance, the acting, the directing, everything.”

“A captivating story beautifully told and presented!”

“Very moving well written play with talented actors!”

Hot on the trails of sold out shows in Providence, “How Many Bushels Am I Worth” heads to Brooklyn for a ten-day run, from January 16-26 (Buy Tickets Now!)

Listen to the interview with co-playwrights Bena Shklyanoy and Kevin Olson on NPR’s artscape, via The Public’s Radio 89.3 in Providence, RI.

Read the story behind the story in the Providence Journal: AS220 play is a journey of self-discovery for Russian-Jewish immigrant

This original play, making its New York debut, captures a Kiev family’s agonizing decision in 1976 to flee the Soviet Union for the United States. Based on the life of playwright Bena Shklyanoy, “How Many Bushels Am I Worth?” marks close to five decades of Soviet-Jewish immigration to America.

The event, which opened in 2018 to critical acclaim in Chicago, is produced by AppleDoesNotFall.com and FirstHand Theatrical, a Rhode Island-based theater company. Tickets are $30 each. For more information visit appledoesnotfall.com/plays/.

Buy tickets now.

“Great way to teach your children and grandchildren (and yourself if you were young when you left) about what happened.”

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